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HOA Attorney Las Vegas Counseling Homeowners Involved In HOA Legal Conflicts Throughout Clark County

HOA Attorney Las Vegas Charles Geisendorf has been helping people with HOA problems for over 22 years.  Disagreements between homeowners and homeowners associations (HOAs) are relatively common. When these disputes escalate, a skilled lawyer can be instrumental in helping Homeowners resolve their issues on favorable terms.


HOA Attorney Las Vegas


An attorney since 1999, Charles L. Geisendorf has devoted a substantial portion of his practice to HOA law.  As such, attorney Charles L. Geisendorf has a wealth of experience prosecuting and defending HOA claims. The firm can take on all types of actions, including violations of covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs), failure to pay dues, fines, and other issues.


Resolving Homeowner Disputes Through Alternative Dispute Resolution


Most disputes between HOAs and homeowners must first go through the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program before they can be litigated in court. Typically, ADR is nonbinding, although both parties can agree to binding arbitration.

Mr. Geisendorf helps Homeowners navigate the ADR process.  If ADR is not successful, the firm is fully prepared to litigate the matter. With this said, arbitration tends to be a more cost-effective means of dispute resolution than litigation.  However the dispute is resolved, the firm will seek an outcome that fully protects the legal and economic interests of the Homeowner.


The firm assists with:


  • Interpretation and enforcement of CC&Rs
  • Assessment disputes and collections
  • Violation fine disputes and collections
  • HOA Foreclosure defense
  • Lien avoidance and removal
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) compliance
  • Mediation and Arbitration


Quick Action Means Cost-Effective Action


For Homeowners engaged in HOA disputes, there is often a small window of time in which to resolve the matter amicably.  Homeowners with access to HOA Attorney Las Vegas experts can often minimize their legal costs by acting strategically at the beginning of the conflict.


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