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Real Estate and Financing

Real Estate and Financing

If you or anyone you know in the state of Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—are in a real estate deal and need assistance with startup issues, including Financing, you need the best legal help you can get.

With over 22 years of experience in real estate law, you need Charles Geisendorf.

Real estate can be both exciting as well as stressful for both individuals just looking to find a home to build a life in or someone interested in starting a business. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) have several chapters on real estate, especially in the realms of purchasing and financing. Whether you are a corporate entity, an investor in real estate, a builder or developer, or simply someone looking to invest in or buy property in southern Nevada, Charles Geisendorf’s expert counsel in this matter of law will benefit you and help you to create as stress-free an environment as possible.

Our diverse business and cultural space here in southern Nevada showcases the benefits of hiring an attorney who practices a wide array of real estate law. Charles can assist with needs as simple as contracts for a first homebuyer to the complexities of large-scale development plans, shepherding them from the drawing board to completion. While many financial loan transactions seem simple on their faces, a practiced eye looking over these contracts can save you problems down the line. In larger developmental plans, Charles can assist with everything from early, short-term financing to the larger, more permanent loan products as the project moves forward.

If you are an individual or corporate entity suffering through issues with your lenders, Charles can help you with situations like that, as well. He is an authority on the Nevada law specifically dealing with security, and other business-related fiscal issues and can help you create the financial structure you seek, possibly including moving to a new lender.

If you are involved in real estate development, Charles’ experience will benefit you immensely. Southern Nevada is ripe with business opportunities into the foreseeable future. Charles has experience working with developers of condominiums and apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, as well as subdivisions. His expertise will take you from the planning stages into purchasing the needed real estate for your enterprise, the building process, any management concerns, and the all-important financing stage. Throughout the process, Charles will diligently review all contracts, making changes as necessary. One often overlooked item on many developers’ lists is conforming to environmental codes written into Nevada and federal laws. Charles will make sure you comply with all requirements so the project can move forward swiftly and smoothly.

For over 22 years Charles Geisendorf has been successfully negotiating comprehensive financial and business contracts for individuals and developers all across southern Nevada. Large or small, contact him now to get your project moving forward.  Charles Geisendorf can be reached at (702) 873-5868.

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