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Contract Drafting and Review

Contract Drafting and Review

If you or anyone you know in the state of Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—are in a real estate or business negotiation and need assistance with a Contract Drafting and Review, you need the best legal help you can get.

With over 22 years of experience in this type of law, you need Charles Geisendorf.

The Nevada Revised Statutes and common law provide legal guidance for contract drafts and reviews (Properly drafting a real estate contract is essential to a successful closure of a deal. It will move the process along more smoothly as well as protect you from potential legal problems down the road. Vague language and ambiguous clauses to a contract can be problematic during and after the process. Charles will work to ensure that your contract is drafted clearly, to everyone’s benefit. His real estate contract expertise can help you, whether you are a homebuyer or businessperson.

Contracts are the foundation upon which your future property and success will be built. It’s essential that the foundation be solid. Charles will assist through the entire contract process, from dealing with the needs of everyone involved in the contract drafting to making a full review of the document before advising his clients to sign on the dotted line. A full and detailed review will make sure there are no surprises. In the event of unexpected issues arising from a contract, he can also return to the draft phase with a round of negotiations to ensure your concerns are met and you get the deal you want. His priority is your satisfaction. If necessary, he will also handle litigation. It’s generally in everyone’s interests not to get to this phase, but he can and will go to court to deal with contract breaches or any other issues that may arise.

Charles Geisendorf’s 20 years of contract experience extends beyond the real estate realm, as well, into many types of business contracts, including but not limited to: leases, employment contracts, business operation contracts, non-competition and confidentiality contracts, buying and selling agreements between business partners, sale and leaseback transactions, LLC and other forms of partnership deals, agreements between shareholders and/or equity holders, master service contracts, compensation plans such as stock options and employee incentives, loans for businesses and real estate transactions, licensing agreements, as well as many more business services.

As mentioned earlier, a solid contract will start you off on the right footing. Just as you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, proper negotiation and drafting will help you get into that new home or start that new business with confidence.

Life can be stressful enough. With 22 years’ experience dealing with the complexities of real estate and business in southern Nevada, Charles Geisendorf will make sure you can move forward in your dealings without worry. Contact him with any questions and get the seeds planted for a strong future for yourself and your family.  Call Charles Geisendorf today at (702) 873-5868.

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