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Civil Law Legal Representation In Las Vegas You Can Trust

When dealing with cases involving civil law in Las Vegas, you shouldn’t take any chances.  At the earliest opportunity, you should hire the very best civil law lawyer, ensuring you have the right attorney representation who will take coordinated efforts and deliberate steps to protect your interest in the matter. This is what Charles L. Geisendorf, Ltd. aims to achieve – to provide the highest quality legal representation that is not only client-centered but also results-oriented.


Civil Law

Over the years, the firm has helped thousands of clients in Las Vegas and beyond meet their legal representation needs in the following practice areas of civil law:


Civil Litigation


Charles L. Geisendorf has amassed extensive experience in civil litigation.  Whether you want to file a lawsuit or need an attorney to represent you as a defendant in the case, this firm has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to guide you through the process. The company has successfully rendered civil litigation representation in complex cases that require ingenuity, attention to detail, and experience in solving complex issues. Moreover, the firm has handled a wide variety of cases, involving:


Business law

Breach of contract claims

 Judgment enforcement

Non compete agreements

Drafting and reviewing contracts

Business organization

Confidentiality agreements

Real Estate litigation

Quiet title actions

Real Estate disclosure law

Real Estate transactions (purchase/sale agreements)

Partition Actions

 Unlawful Detainer

Alternative dispute resolution

Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) compliance

Wills, Trusts, Probate

And many other civil litigation matters


Whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff, Charles L. Geisendorf will represent you the best way possible. He is exceptionally experienced in handling both sides of these cases, ensuring that clients are given the best representation possible.


Collecting Judgments


After having won your case and awarded a judgment, the next part of the process is to collect.  Collecting on the judgment can be as difficult as winning in the first place. Just because you have been award damages does not mean that the judgment debtor is willing to pay upon the conclusion of the case.  


Mr. Geisendorf offers collection of judgment services, whereby the firm takes charge of collecting the damages you have been awarded.  The next step in the process is to find the judgment debtor’s assets. Some debtors may not be in a position to pay while others are adept at hiding their money and assets.


The third part of the process is obtaining the documents that prove you have the right to collect. These documents are known as a writ of garnishment, writ of execution, or writ of attachment. Thereafter, depending on the situation, the firm makes use of the various methods available to collect on the judgment.


As you can appreciate, this process is not only tiresome, but it can also be convoluted.  Charles L. Geisendorf, Ltd. helps you handle this matter, increasing your chances of actually getting the damages awarded in a civil court.


Drafting Contracts And Agreements


When a contract is precisely drafted, and proper steps are taken to mitigate the chances of breaching the contract, contract disputes can be avoided.  In doing this, the parties involved can avoid costly litigation and, save time and money in the process.


As a leading civil law attorney in Las Vegas, Mr. Geisendorf is well placed to help you avoid the problems that plague bad contracts.  He has the experience and expertise to draft high-quality contracts and agreements for:


Commercial and residential agreements

Business contracts

Buy-sell agreements

Operating, shareholder, and employment agreements

Nondisclosure agreements

Deeds and much more


Whatever agreement or contract you are dealing with, Charles L. Geisendorf, Ltd. will guide you through the process.


Result-Oriented Client-Centered Services


As you might appreciate, civil cases can end with adverse ramifications. The reality of the matter is that no two cases are the same, and every case, therefore, bears its own set of uncertainties.  As such, to obtain the best outcome, you want the lawyer representing you to be the best in the field. You want an experienced attorney who is dedicated to obtaining the best outcome possible for you.


Charles L. Geisendorf fits the bill in all aspects.  With over 22 years of practice, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and draws from his wealth of experience and knowledge to produce the best outcome possible.

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